HOMEOPATHIC  FIRST  AID  KIT:  also available as individual remedies or small kits.

Aconite: angina, fear, shock bleeding, breathlessness, palpitations, eye injuries

Apis: bee stings, sore throat, redness, swelling, styes, allergic reactions, swelling of the airways.

Arnica:  accidents, shock, bruising, bleeding, pain, head injury, stroke and heart attack – while waiting medical attention.

AAGE: colds & flu at any stage, useful when used early or as protection when others are sick around you. , 

Arsenicum: poisons in the body – food & water, bites, stings, diarrhea, gastric upsets, vomiting  

Belladonna: pain, fever, earache, redness, heat, high temperature, fever & delirium

Carbo Veg: collapse, confusion, palpitations, pale, needing fresh air and fanning 

Hypericum: infection, grazes, gravel rash, unclean woulds, red line running from wound, nerve damage – eg hitting finger with hammer or slamming in the door.  

Ledum: bone bruising, black eye, puncture wounds – eg rusty nail, stings, tick bites  

Rhus Tox: sprains, strains – use with Arnica, rashes, eczema, dermatitis, cold sores, herpes, chickenpox 

Comfrey: healing broken bones, scarring, tissue repair, eye injuries

Urtica Urens: sunburn, mild burns, itching/stinging skin condition, prickly heat, hives eczema

Rescue Remedy: emergency essence – restores peace, calm and emotional balance, for accidents or upsets of any kind

Ixodes: made from tick venom, treatment and protection for animals

Nux Vomica: overindulgence in alcohol, drugs, food, prolonged mental & emotional strain

Glonoine: heastroke

Dose: in emergencies, these remedies may be used every 10 minutes for up to 10 doses or until relief. Normal dosage 2 drops 3 x daily, but more frequent dosage may be needed. This information will be on the label. It is preferable not to eat or drink within half an hour of taking the remedy, but obviously this may not be possible in an emergency.


Tarang Bates DHPh Homeopathic Pharmacy

Phone: 0266891452/0432950088

Email: tarangbates@yahoo.com.au  

ABN: 747891081

Constitutional or short 1st aid consultations available by arrangement, in the clinic or online/phone. Remedies cost $8.95 for simples & $10 for combinations




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Victoria Mayall
    Feb 18, 2017 @ 22:17:02

    Hi Tarang, myself & my partner Peter have recently moved to Dalwood. I take Gelsemium 200c, ( for chronic fatigue) Staphisagria 1M & Rhus Tox 30 + Ruta 200 combination for rsi in my wrists. I will be running out of the remedies soon so would like to come and purchase from you. Also I am asking my partner to have a consult as he is recovering from a TURP operation (transurethral resection of the prostate) and also he had 18 biopsies which they have found cancer (not an aggressive type) but he is struggling in getting his strength back. So it will be good if he gets some homeopathics to help with the prostate problems etc.


    • nimbinhomeopathicsetc
      Feb 19, 2017 @ 11:38:37

      Hi Victoria, thanks for your msg. I can certainly certainly supply you with the remedies you need. I am in Northern NSW and do send orders all around Australia if you need it mailed. My email is tarangbates@yahoo.com.au if you could contact me there with more information about your husband that would be great.

      Regards Tarang


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